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Whether you are looking for Street Art inspiration, unconventional textures, materials and themes, or just to fall in love with the soul of an artist, here you will find original paintings and quality signed  contemporary art prints to grace your wall or space. At the same time, your purchase will benefit an artistic themed entity.   The entity being supported is GROUP DOT BR, NY's only Brazilian Theater company, which is celebrating the centennial of the Brazilian author Clarice Lispector.








Artist:  Mundano, Brazilian

Onça Queimada (Burnt Jaguar), 2020

Double-sided reinterpretation of the 50 reals bill

Permanent markers on paper

39.5x17cm or 15"x 6.5”

Original and unique work

Series: #worldlyreview

Original, historic and unique artwork

Reinterpretation of the Brazilian 50 reals paper Banknote currency. The artwork was inspired by the environmental disaster which arose out of the burning of the Pantanal Swamp in 2020. This original and unique work is an outraged shout-out by the artist concerning... (read more)

Paulo Govea, Brazilian

Boi de Piranha, 2019

Acrylic on Canvas

120x80cm or 47"x31.5”

Original and unique artwork

Sold in Auction

The Brazilian expression “boi de piranha” refers to something or someone that is sacrificed so that another person is alleviated from a difficulty or from blame. In the great plains of Brazil, where herds of a million cows roam land that spans areas greater than countries, it is surprising how few dangers lie in their wake...(read more)

Artist:  Eduardo Kobra, Brazilian

B.I.G. & Tupac, 2020

95x80 cm or 31.5”x37.5”

Hand-signed and numbered, Edition 83/200

Mixed media on paper. Fine Art Hahnemühle Photo Rag® Ultra Smooth 305g. 

This artwork depicts B.I.G. and Tupac who are, in this case, represented as children. This image was done in a limited run of only 200 pieces. The first image regarding these two hip hop stars was done on a  wall in Miami on NW 26th Street. That iteration shows the two as adults and was executed by Kobra for Art Basel in 2013...(read more)

Artist:  Cecilia André

Hill, 2017

Cecilia Andre 

41x51cm or 16"x20"

Mixed media (oil & acrylic on fabrics, vinyl, spiraled wire, nails and hemp cord).

Original and unique artwork

Sold in Auction

“Hills”, the title of this work, visually takes Ms. Andre’s painting beyond the  frame by stretching the transparent elements beyond the frame, and in doing so, changing the  perimeter of the painting.  This work rather becomes a piece of sculpture due to this visual effect.  Also, the striking colors of the vinyl seem to create a noise that is both disturbing and pleasurable...(read more)


In addition to the pieces being auctioned above, a limited number of signed prints by artist Paulo Govea will be available for sale on this website. Govea's signature appears on the reverse side of the print along with Clarice Lispector Centennial Celebration seal.

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